Christian Jeep Charity Blanket


Beantown Blankets is an organization that donates one blanket to a homeless individual or shelter for every blanket sold. The uniquely designed blankets have soft fleece on one side and waterproof material on the other, making them both comfortable and functional for outdoor use. 

For homeless individuals, it’s protection from rain and snow, keeping them warm and dry in the rain and snow.

For the customer, it’s the perfect blanket for picnics, sporting events, concerts, pets, or to keep in the car.


Easy carry design unfolds into a full size picnic blanket. One side soft, comfortable fleece, the other side a waterproof polyester shell.

Fabric: Polar Fleece/Polyester Oxford

Size: 50″x 60"

Finish: Anti-pill

Trim: Matching tricot binding

Content: 100% Polyester

Care: Machine wash & dry

Beantown Blanket
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